Dreaming In Mono

Posted on 06. feb, 2011 by in Shortfilms/Drama/Doc

1974, Alain Duchamp and his rival Hansi von Spitzmark are about to embark on the most
important endeavour of their lives, a downhill race to immortality. But by meddling with faith,
von Spitzmark ends up victorious.

36 years later, Alain is still repining over the loss and has been all but devoured by ghosts
of the past. But in a last attempt of satisfaction, and to gain recognition for the reason of the
loss that faithful day in 1974, Alain sets out on an amazing enterprise; to gather a team of
monoski enthusiasts and break the dream record once and for all.

Written & directed by Jens Jonsson.
Music by Martin Landquist

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